King's Evangelical Divinity School

22 September 2009

Power, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America

The Internet can be a wonderful tool. With a little bit of know-how, together with the generosity of some scholars and their desire to see their work distributed to a wider audience once their article or book has run its natural course in the print world, one occasionally comes across full-text access to solid academic resources. A case in point is Power, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America, edited by Edward L. Cleary and Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino (originally published by Westview Press in 1997), which is a seminal work exploring the intersection of Pentecostalism and politics in Latin America. The book contains various excellent chapters on different aspects of the social and political impact of Pentecostalism - both explicit and implicit - across that continent, and this book is a vital resource for anyone interested in this field. I am grateful to the authors and publishers for making this title freely available and would encourage all my students exploring this field to engage with this book. The full text of Cleary's and Stewart-Gambino's excellent work is available here in both PDF and html formats.

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