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12 September 2009

Two Research Areas (Part 2)

On 11 September I explained how there were two academic areas in particular I research and write about. The first was Pentecostal Studies, which I discussed in that post. The second is Christian responses to the modern State of Israel. This is a broad area, encompassing biblical studies, theology, Middle East history and politics, ethics, and so on. Like the world, the Church is bitterly divided over this issue, with opinion sharply polarised and little focus on the middle ground. Over forthcoming months I will post some comments on this issue, exploring the topic from various angles and trying to engage more with the middle ground. In the meantime, consider my The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism: Resources for Christians (to buy click on the book icon, right), which contains a collection of essays from various contributors exploring the issue from different angles and disciplines.

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