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10 October 2009

A Fun Exercise (maybe)

In a blatant bid to make this blog more interactive, I thought I'd pose the following challenge. I'd be interested to learn how many of you view intercultural theology as either a postmodern or democratic Christian exercise. OK, it all sounds gobledeygook (I doubt I spelt that correctly) so far, but here's where internet research can really shine (I've looked around and there's enough to get a debate going).

I'll give you some keywords to be getting on with : postcolonialism/postcolonial theory, postcolonial theology, postmodernism, pluralism, intercultural theology, Walter Hollenweger, absolutism, truth. Now here is your question, to answer in less than 200 words the following "What is intercultural theology?" The great thing is, this is a truly postmodern question... in other words, there is no right and wrong answer! But the answer provided will depend on whether your primary focus is postmodern or Christian.  Therefore, I suggest answers in two parts: What intercultural theology means for the Christian, and what it means for the postmodernist. The 200 words is deliberate, to force you to present it concisely and understandably.

Now the prize (I have a feeling I'm going to regret this): A chance to write a guest post of 500 words on the subject of your choice, to be published on this blog (providing it isn't indecent, ungenerous, or which could get me sued - I'll work with you on this). You can cover pretty much anything you like in the post, and take a stance diammetrically opposed to me on pretty much anything. But it can't be anonymous.  So, over to you... (this could be the most wonderful experiment or go so woefully wrong). Cut-off date: 25th October.

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