King's Evangelical Divinity School

6 November 2009

Evangelicals and War

Just a quick note which might be of interest to readers. From this month the Evangelical Review of Society and Politics is introducing a new forum to explore certain social and political issues of interest to Evangelical readers. The aim of the ERSP Forum is to provide an arena that allows Evangelical scholars to express their views without the constraints and cumbersome nature of debates normally carried out in academic journals, whereby the standard thesis-response-counterresponse approach can take months. Instead, contributors are simultaneously invited to comment briefly on a particular issue without seeing the responses of their fellow contributors prior to publication. The outcome of the first forum has been a collection of thoughtful and insightful pieces on war, and we think the forum is going to prove a most interesting addition to future editions of the journal. Contributors include a leading UK Evangelical leader and scholar, several Christian servicemen (one who leads a well-known charity), a former Australian EA leader, and a well-known US Pentecostal scholar and pacifist. For further details of the journal and subscription information visit the journal website at

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