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27 November 2009

My Thanks to the MP Speaking Out With Passion on a Vital Issue

Some of you who've read my KEDS blog contributions know how I've often written about the massive increase in various social services department up and down the country taking children into custody and forcing through adoptions, either to fill quotas or else because of ideological reasons, over the past few years. With the help of many Christians, churches and blogs across the country we even campaigned heavily on this very issue some time back (the Scottish forced adoption case). There are so many well-publicised cases going on right now, including the despicable situation of a young woman being told her child will be taken immediately into care when she gives birth because social services say she has learning difficulties (though professionals disagree). She has had to flee her home region.

Well, this week in Parliament is was good to see Tim Yeo MP stand up and speak with real passion on the issue, criticising strongly Suffolk Country Council for the manner in which they took a child into custody then, when challenged, changed repeatedly their reasons for doing so. Details can be found on this BBC News page. If you want something a bit less bland with lots more detail try the Daily Mail's take on it. Just bear in mind the Daily Mail has been running a campaign on this issue for some time now, so the story is emotively expressed. But so what? It needs to be.

It would be nice to see more MPs have real passion about issues like this, challenging the highly secretive family courts which have caused utmost misery for so many families. Up and down the country so many genuinely vulnerable children are left in homes where they end of suffering terrible abuse, even death, or else children are taken from innocent families by the local Stalinists for reasons of political correctness or just plain spite. How ever did we reach this stage in our country? It is tragic. But well done, Tim Yeo! I wrote to thank him and received a reply today from his secretary. It says:

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for your e-mail of 26 November.

I have been greatly encouraged by e-mails like yours which I have received from a number of people who share the concerns I have expressed about this issue.

You may rest assured that I will continue to pursue it vigorously.

Yours sincerely


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