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2 November 2009

October Poll Results (and new November poll)

In October this site ran a poll with the question "Which of the following best describes your primary theological identity?" Respondents could select one answer only. Here are the final results:

Neoorthodox 17% (5 votes)
Pentecostal/Charismatic 7% (2)
Liberal Protestant 0% (0)
Catholic/High Church 3% (1)
Dispensational 14% (4)
Fundamentalist 10% (3)
Reformed 21% (6)
None of the above 25% (7).
Total votes 28

Thanks for voting. Unfortunately, there were not really enough votes to make any meaningful judgement about readers of this blog at this stage. Anyway, the next poll has now been posted. To view please scroll down and you'll find it half way down on the right. Please take the time to vote; the poll is active until end of this month.

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