King's Evangelical Divinity School

23 December 2009

More Blogging to Come

Sincerest apologies for the lack of activity here in the last couple or three weeks, with just a post every three or four days. It has been so hectic with lots of writing, various college events, work associated with King's shift to Chester University, and various plans I'm working on for 2010. Anyway, at last Christmas has come to the Smith household and I can relax a little, and therefore blog a little more over the next week or so. So I expect to post a little more frequently (within reason, of course, bearing in mind this is a big family get-together for us) in the lead up to the New Year. In the meantime, glad to see a few votes coming in to my poll on spiritual gifts (to view, scroll down and see far right column), but with eight days left we need considerably more votes to help determine the theological background of readers. Talk to you soon.

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