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28 December 2009

My Preferred Paper on the Left

Remember the story of Israel supposedly harvesting the organs of Palestinians? An altogether different story now seems to be emerging. For details see Ha'aretz, then the apology just issued by The Guardian. The implication was that only Palestinian organs were harvested, while the apology makes clear this was far from the case (for example, organs from Israeli army members were also taken). Unfortunately the damage is done: Israel has been demonised yet again.

I, for one, have become increasingly disillusioned with a newspaper which seems to be overly obsessed with either attacking Israel, pushing global warming (including mocking those who are not convinced by the politicised science), or else a negative attitude towards reporting Christianity. For some left-wing balance to my everyday reading of the newspapers I've found myself increasingly drawn to The Independent. To be sure, it takes an anti-Israel stance (after all, the angry Robert Fisk is one of their correspondents) and also takes a pretty strong watermelon stance on global warming (green outside, red inside). But at least it has other drums to beat from time to time, it also seems less anti-faith, and it has a fresher website.

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