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25 January 2010

So Sorry (and I will comment soon)

Sincere apologies for the lack of blogging over the last five days. I've been trying to wrap up a new edited book which should be with the publisher by now (more details on this later). But in the meantime, on Saturday a story broke and quickly scattered far and wide across the blogosphere. It can be found here, the websites/blogs which have so far caught on to and publicised it here (scroll down), and it even made the Spectator here. I think this story has legs and will run for some time and, given the significance, has the potential to reach the highest echelons, so do keep an eye on it.

It has been particularly frustrating not being able to comment yet, especially since knowing about it for some time, together with various people asking when I intend to blog on it (knowing this is something I have views on). But these publishing responsibilities have taken up all my time in recent days. Nevertheless, I'll post my comments tomorrow (Tuesday), I suppose a positive aspect of that is I will at least be able to draw on the latest details of a story developing by the minute. In the meantime, if you haven't heard about this story, be sure to catch up on the links above.

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