King's Evangelical Divinity School

25 February 2010

Blog From America 4 (at last!)

Made it to the US at last. Five hours behind from you, and also I don’t have an Internet connection all the time, so I’ll post as and when I can, sometimes in batches. Good flight, picked up my hire car and made it to my destination safely. Stuart, plenty of snow here so yet another Christmas to celebrate. Another two in ches overnight, on top of the six or eight inches on the ground already. Seems the country doesn't ground to a halt here when it snows, though. Ate out with family last night and did some shopping (America is a great place for that). Can’t wait to go the local Christian bookstore, a large shop about the size of our local Co-Op.

Has anyone visiting the U.S. ever noticed how it seems like wherever you go your nostrils assailed by one of three dominant smells: coffee, cinnamon or popcorn? They drink coffee by the gallon here. Yes, it's generally weaker than the European stuff, but they tend to serve it in buckets. Indeed, local convenience stores seek to outdo each other by offering the biggest drinks of pop, whether the Gulp, Supergulp, or Double Supergulp Plus! I passed a shop last night advertising a 60 oz drink. Isn't that close to two litres of Coke?


Gabi said...

Glad that you got there safe.
Must say that I'm quite jealous of the fast food opportunities you will be getting over the next two weeks. You will have to include your fast food experiences in your blogging, which is what I am most interested in, whether you chose an Arby’s sandwich in size big, bigger or biggest, yum.
Looking forward to seeing what clothes you bring home, miss you lots dad and have a good time!

Stuart said...

Being a bit of a fatboy, I second your comment regarding fast food opportunities Gabi :)