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26 February 2010

Blog From America 7 (21/05/10 - the end of the world)

While driving around I've been flicking through the radio stations and there are so many Christian channels: talk shows, preaching, Bible study, Christian pop, Christian rock, and also the rather bizarre. Yesterday I came across a fellow who claimed next year sees the seven thousandth anniversary of Noah's flood, which means the Day of Judgement is scheduled for 2011. He has even put a date on it: 21st May. So whatever plans you had for next year's Summer holidays you might want to rearrange them.

I mentioned this guy in passing to someone who said, "Oh, yes, the end of the world on May 21 2010". It seems he's not some local chappie, but rather has has a syndicated radio programme allowing him to spread his message across the country. Call me pedantic, but I did see a couple of problems with his dating of the Day of Judgement. The first is Matthew 24:36. The second is that I'm told he predicted the Apocalypse back in the early 1980s. Apparently, though, he concedes he didn't have the full revelation back then (clearly not) but now asssures his listeners that he does have it right this time. This is most reassuring.


Stuart said...

Well then, the date for my US trip is 21st May next year, as I'm sure to be safe there....

Kelvin MOHAMMED said...

Religious opinions often become political opinions. Our judgement is in our past(cross) not in the future. Your views are refreshing -keep them coming.

Kelvin Mohammed