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9 February 2010

Comments - some basic rules

I welcome people’s comments. In fact, I wish people would post more… some posts like this, this or this have attracted lots of comments and debate, others less so (I’m still trying to crack that magic formula that guarantees loads of comments without having to resort to sensationalism and polemics). But in the meantime with four comments recently submitted which have nothing whatsoever to do with the post in question, I’ve decided to introduce a couple of simple rules.

1. Please make sure all comments at least refer, however briefly, to the issue being discussed. Comments submitted which have nothing whatsoever to do with the original post or ongoing debate thread will be deleted.

2. Feel free to cross link etc, but comments submitted merely to publicise sites or links which do not contribute at all to a discussion of the original post or debate will be deleted. In short, if you must advertise at least make a meaningful and relevant contribution.

3. Please be robust by all means, but try to avoid ranting if at all possible (I know it’s difficult with some issues, but it does make for so much better debates in the long run).

4. Avoid unnecessarily offensive or pejorative language.

5. I have no problem with anonymous comments, but try to use a first name, nickname or whatever so we know which comment people are responding to (it gets a little confusing when four or five people are known as “Anonymous”). Meanwhile, I don't debate anonymously. Visitors to the site know who I am, so once threads move beyond comment to a discussion anonymous visitors must provide some details of who they are (eg name, link to their website etc).

Many thanks.

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