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9 February 2010

Getting Back to Normal and an Update

So sorry I haven't posted anything for nearly a week. It is a really hectic time right now, with several writing projects overdue, preparing to go to an academic conference in the US later this month and, to cap it all, being ill in bed for the last few days so that I haven't been able to do much at all. Seem to have rounded the corner slightly, so slowly trying to get back into the swing of thing, starting with (horror) close to a hundred emails which need answering. Anyway, am trying to get that second part on Christian responses to the Middle-East situation finished (it started off as a single paragraph but is now running numerous pages; I'll need to get a grip). Also, my good friend Chris Lazenby, who I approached last week to write a guest post, emailed me his contribution yesterday, so I'll post that up later today. Then there are some comments left for me to respond to. So again, please forgive me, but over the next day or two I'll bring things on this site up to date. Thanks.

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Stuart said...

I know how you feel Calvin, I too haven't been well and had to move home!