King's Evangelical Divinity School

20 February 2010

URL Changes

With its change of name last year from Midlands Bible College to King's Evangelical Divinity School, as well as switching to a new, more powerful server as we continue to expand our eCampus, the college is continuing its long-term migration of all its websites to the new server under the new domains. We have forwarding software in place for now anyway, but if you do happen to link to any of the college sites you should update links to reflect the new URLs (eg instead of, as eventually automatic forwarding wil be switched off.

Please also note that this weekend the King's blog's URL has changed to



Stuart said...

Thanks Calvin, do you mind if I ask what gave rise to the new name, just for my own nosiness.

Calvin L. Smith said...

Because KEDS is no longer in the Midlands.