King's Evangelical Divinity School

5 March 2010

Blog From America 12 (downtown Minneapolis)

I'm in downtown Minneapolis and it is a curious experience. Passed through several times, and of course the airport is a major hub, but this is my first time in the heart of the city. When I arrived I was struck by how empty the streets were of people, and how the city centre pavements and roads are just large slabs of (rather cracked) concrete. In all, I wasn't very impressed. Seemed a bit artificial. It was only after I went from my hotel to a shop across a first storey bridge (they call them skyways) that I realised much of the city centre's tower blocks are all interconnected by these skyways, which are walkways (almost like city streets) allowing everyone to shop and walk throughout the city centre yet keep warm (it can get very cold here). It's rather good, with various tower blocks forming this kind of mall, and some of the interiors decorated rather plushly. Several interesting buildings, too. Still rather quiet, though, but I've found the people very friendly and helpful. The downside is that my hotel room is perched twelve storeys in the air (I hate heights), with a large floor-to-ceiling window being one whole side of my room.

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