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7 March 2010

Blog From America 14 (wrapping up)

My trip's coming to an end and I fly back tonight,. But guess what? Minneapolis has grown on me. The skyway system allowed the other day tgo walk around the city for a couple of hours visiting dozens upon dozens of these skyscrapers, replete with shops and businesses, all linked by walkways. Some of the lift doors are highly ornately decorated with fabulous marble and other decorative effects, while the shops are pretty classy. Streets still look empty though (too cold to walk around in them, it gets almost Artic here), and I still maintain the roads are crumbling.

My hotel room I've been staying in has this huge kingsize bed. The problem is, it is an electronic bed with a hundred different position settings! You'd think I would have had the best sleep ever. Unfortunately, I spent most of the first night going through all the settings and actually slept very little. I had to hide the remote control box eventually so I wouldn't keep messing with it. Plus my bed has seven or eight pillows (all different sizes and levels of firmness), so unfortunately this affected my second night's sleep as I indecisively shuffled them around, trying to ascertain which combination was the most comfortable (I never did find out). You can definitely have too much choice.

Will be catching the light rail to the airport in a few hours, then it's hanging around there for six hours (yawn). Flights worked out badly for this trip. But if I can drop my baggage off early I might go to the Mall of America, which is just a couple of stops from the airport. Supposed to be the biggest and one of the most spectacular in the country (it even has a theme park right in the middle of it). Anyway, if I go I'll let you know about it, and either way I might write another post from the airport.

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