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8 April 2010

Faith in the Election (FITE): Update 1 - Family Values

The Daily Mail reports that Schools Secretary Ed Balls, one of Gordon Brown's key allies and a possible successor for leader of the Labour Party, has dropped his planned legislation which would see sex education introduced for children as young as five. As Parliament wraps up, the parties negotiate on outstanding legislation so that some is pushed through and other bills are ditched until after the election. Apparently, the Tories wanted changes to such an early introduction to sex education, which Balls was unwilling to concede. However, this doesn't mean he won't try to reintroduce it again in a new parliament (if, that is, Labour wins and he remains School Secretary).

Elsewhere Christina Odone writes a short but interesting piece in the Daily Telegraph on Cameron bringing back family values. I suggest British Evangelicals are currently divided over whether this is really the case, though undoubtedly Cameron's rhetoric over the past year or two has been consistently more in keeping with pro-family values than anything we've heard from the other two main parties so far. The thrust of Odone's piece is that although Cameron is more pro-family than the other parties, nonetheless she prefers to avoid labelling him a traditional family values guy because Major's "back to basics" campaign was a disaster, not least because some Tories (including the PM) were not practising what they preached.

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