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9 April 2010

FITE Update 4: Good Stewardship?

Good stewardship of resources represents an important Christian principle. Yet it seems Britain, the world's sixth largest economy, gives many millions of pounds of aid to China, the third largest economy. It's not that we shouldn't help poor people in other countries, but when China is spending some 50 billion pounds on defence this year why should we not expect that country to take care of her own problems? Meanwhile, British overseas aid to China has quadrupled under Labour.

Is this good stewardship of resources? I think not. Surely this money would be better spent in far less developed countries where it could make a huge difference. Lest anyone think I'm making a partisan point here, the criticism comes a former representative of Tony Blair and former Foreign Office minister. Full story here.

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Philip said...

You're trying to answer the question, 'does the UK's international development policy represent good stewardship of the state's resources?' by looking at just 0.5% of the overall aid budget. This completely distorts the picture.

It's absolutely true that some aid money gets wasted, and that priorities are often skewed so that money does not go to the less needy. However, if you want to make a fair judgment of the DfID's activities, you need to look at the big picture. The OECD is a good place to start:,3343,en_2649_34603_36881515_1_1_1_1,00.html