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4 May 2010

Fantasy Theology Football

Remember those fantasy football chats down at the local pub, where you and your mates chose the perfect team from all the professional players in the world? Well, there's a theological version doing the email rounds right now. I'm on an list with a link to the Monty Python sketch of a football match between two teams of philosophers - the ancient Greek and the Germans -  which is really quite funny (watch out for Karl Marx training on the sidelines). The Greeks win, of course.

Anyway, the email asks us to recommend our fantasy team of theologians to take on the Greeks in a new match, and emails back and forth suggest this bit of fun was initially taken up with gusto. Unfortunately, when I suggested we needed first to hedge our bets and make sure the ref was on our side (I suggested Tomás de Torquemada, the Spanish Inquisitor, was the ideal choice) the emails (at least to me) seemed to dry up.  But that doesn't stop us continuing the game here, does it?

So with the ref appointed, who would feature in your fantasy theology football team? For example, might the great twentieth century Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, or the fourth century champion of orthodoxy St Athanasius, make good defenders? Perhaps John Calvin would be a good choice for striker (provided, of course, he is predestined to score). Someone like Origen, on the other hand, would be a good choice to take on the Greeks at their own game. Meanwhile I've been trying to think who would make a good goalkeeper... clearly a strong-minded theologian who never conceded anything (sounds like Tomás de Torquemada again). Anyway, any suggestions for this or other players?


David Williams said...


I would have thought that goalkeeper would have been an easy choice really. It has to be Jesus himself, for he always seeks to save. Meanwhile perhaps John Wesley could take any penalties the team have, as he converted many in his day.

Just a thought, perhaps I should get my coat eh?


Dissenters said...

Augustine the Hippo would be good in goal. Peter could be a 'rock' in defence. Simon Stylite would be a 'pillar' in midfield or a 'lone' striker. Boniface would be useful to cut down the German opposition in defence. Paul would make a good striker and was keen to take the game to the Spanish and Italians after demolishing the defence in Athens.
Andrew S

Andrew Sibley said...

Of course the angels Michael and Gabriel would be useful playing 'on the wing.'

Jonah could find a place on the 'subs' bench and then be sent on for extra time to finish the match.

Calvin L. Smith said...

Good suggestions. You're all better than me at this. Pity we didn't have any more takers.