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4 September 2010

Is Britain An Increasingly Secular Society?

I was one of those unfortunate people up and about at 7 am on a Saturday morning today. The plus side, however, was catching an interesting article on BBC Radio 4's Today news programme which coincidentally featured one of my two Ph.D. supervisors, Hugh McLeod, who is Professor of Church History at the University of Birmingham. Also taking part in the discussion, led by John Humphrys, was a Catholic commentator. Actually Professor McLeod didn't get much of an opportunity to contribute, while the somewhat articulate Catholic guest made some interesting and valid points in what was a thoroughly interesting discussion for those interested in the relationship between Church and State, covering questions such as the difference different meanings of secularism, the difference between secularism and pluralism, and whether state relegation of religion to the private sphere does in fact makes a country more secular after all. Anyway, given that most of you were snuggly tucked up in bed at that time I feel pretty confident you didn't hear the discussion, so I thought I'd let you know it can be found here (scroll in to around 33 minutes into the programme). I believe the link will be replaced when the next edition of Today is broadcast on Monday morning, so if you're interested you should listen to it before the end of the week.

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