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14 October 2010

Ahmadinejad's Folly

So today Iran's President Ahmadinejad informed the Lebanese during his controversial visit to that country that Israelis are mortal (code: they can be destroyed and the land taken back). Individuals are, of course, immortal, but what about a people, particularly God's historical people? The Jewish people were uniquely singled out for ethnic cleansing in the most atrocious and systematic manner imaginable in the twentieth century (and indeed throughout many centuries), and yet they survived. Moreover, the Bible indicates God retains a plan and purpose for the Jewish people (eg Jer 31:35-37, Ro 11:25-6 cf Is 59:20-21), regardless of whether or not Christians agree that the present state of Israel constitutes a divinely-ordained plan. Thus, leaving aside the continued folly, indeed paranoia, of someone supposed to be world statesman, it rather looks like Ahmadinejad - who seeks the destruction of Israel as desperately as the other antisemites who went before him - is on the wrong side of history. I warrant his ilk will disappear long before those he so irrationally detests. That is, after all, the general lesson history teaches us.

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Anonymous said...

Playing devil's (or Iranian president's) advocate for a second Calvin - Ah-mad-inejad spoke about destroying Zionism, not Jews. Not all Jews are zionists, not all zionists are Jews.

Having said that; it is clear he is a warmonger who supplies weapons to Hizbollah, and a dictator who stole an election and murdered opposition supporters.

Is it possible that Ahmadinejad is an agent provocateur following the path set out in the Pike-Mazzini letter?
Andrew S