King's Evangelical Divinity School

22 November 2010

Honestly, I never thought this would happen

I'm truly sorry - so very,very sorry - to everyone who knows me and now feels I have let them down, my family, friends, colleagues and professional acquaintances. But I never, ever expected this to happen (honest). I have been a purist on this issue all my life, but finally I have been seduced - turned against my will - to the Dark Side. I fear I will lose many friends, colleagues, blog readers, even family, while others will undoubtedly pray incessantly for me night and day (though taking great care to keep their distance so as to ensure they too do not become unclean).

The source of my iniquity?

Yes, after years of devoted PC zealotry I have succumbed to Apple. I was first tempted by the Apple (iPad) hanging from the tree, then ate the whole tree (in the form of a new notebook). What a tool! What stability! What pleasure!

I am now a pariah in my own household, but at least over here on the Dark Side we compute in style.


Anonymous said...

I know so many people who have become apostates because of the apple. In fact, next lap top I get I may even do the same.

I feel a little envious of you because I am not yet ready to jump ship.

Donovan said...

My wife and I switched a few years ago and never looked back! I bet you do the same!