King's Evangelical Divinity School

28 March 2011

Middle East Unrest

There's a lot going on in the world since I last posted anything here, notably across the Arab world. I've been asked various times by concerned Christians what the wave of Arab protests and clamour for change might mean for Israel. I think this is because some within the media, together with several commentators on the political left, have interpreted the wave of anger on Arab streets as something specifically aimed at authoritarian regimes supported by the West. Indeed, this is how it appeared during the early stages of unrest across the Arab world. Thus, some Christians express concern that with the fall of the likes of Egypt's Mubarak, Israel has one less friend in the region, and if other pro-West Arab regimes likewise fall to the masses clamouring for change then Israel's security in the region is weakened considerably.

Actually, I'm not sure I agree with this analysis.