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21 April 2011

This is not about protecting identities

Looks like the UK government may have to, after all, release figures detailing the numbers of late abortions (i.e. carried out after 24 weeks) which, theoretically, are only permitted in cases of extreme physical abnormality or danger to the woman. These figures have been kept secret since 2003. Pro-abortion campaigners and the Department of Health strongly oppose the information being released, arguing it may lead to the women and doctors involved being identified and harassed by pro-life campaigners. Yet it is not immediately clear how releasing statistics identifies anyone. What seems rather clearer, however, is how releasing these figures will demonstrate that the country's abortion laws are regularly flouted, resulting in unborn children in the latter stages of pregnancy being aborted for minor abnormalities.

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..MG Bennett said...

How come 24 weeks foetus is still eligible to be killed? How dear those people in Parliament allow that! Its a human - she recognises voices, laughs, gets nervous when squeezed too much etc. I wonder why wouldn't we as society create various incentives for people to let their unborn kids live?