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22 September 2011

Forthcoming Television Debate on Israel

I've been invited to take part in a live television debate on the issue of Israel with Stephen Sizer. With just the two of us (and the presenter), together with no less than 90 minutes set aside for the discussion, we can really delve into the issues properly (can't wait!). It's being broadcast by Revelation TV in the first part of November. I'm currently in Israel so will post more details upon my return to Blighty.


I now have full details of the programme. Please pass these on or post a link on your site...

Date and Time: 9 November 2011 (9.00 - 10.30 pm)

Revelation TV is available through Sky, a ROKU Box in the US, or online at

With 90 minutes to spare, this programme promises an opportunity to discuss in considerable depth this issue and how the current debate is being played out in the Church. Looking forward to what promises to be a lively and robust debate!


Stuart said...

This is going to simply awesome.

I've blogged this already.

Sally R said...

I am very much looking forward to the debate, and as soon as you know the date, Calvin, I shall let others know, too.
My prayers are with you as you prepare.

Vee said...

I can't wait for this! You are in my prayers and have my total support Calvin.



Karen said...

Looking forward to the debate, with avid interest.

I will post to my blog.

Paul Grobler said...

Will there be a recording available to download?

Anonymous said...

Jacob Prasch wanted to debate with Stephen Sizer and mentioned this on one of Revelation TV programmes. It is believed that Mr Sizer did not take up the challenge.
So Calvin I wish you well in discussing Israel and the Jews in the End Times for too many christians are dismissing the scriptures that Israel has been given to the Jews by Almighty God. Praise the lord for Word of God!

John Shipton, journalist and a christian.

Anonymous said...

Dr Michael Brown also wanted to debate Stephen Sizer as well on his phone in program, as well as Portman Speaker on their dreadful 'God on our side' film.

would be interesting to hear a recording of this

Carol Champion said...

I'll be praying for you.

Nev McCormack said...

Can't wait to see this, and I'll let my friends know too. Hey, this could even be a beer and popcorn event!

Anonymous said...

This was a good debate between two christian brothers, Jesus said ' blessed are the peacemakers ' Hopefully there will be better understanding between you and Stephen and more discussion later on.

Nev McCormack said...

I expected sparks to fly tonight but the debate was very good-natured and both speakers performed very well.
I thought Sizer was incredibly sharp and appeared to outfox Cal on a few points but you held it together well. If anything you were a bit too nice!
Both speakers have some apparently unanswerable arguments and this issue remains unresolved for me. It confirms what I already believed and that is that it finally comes down to interpretation; the interpretative scheme adopted prior to reading the text determines the theological outcome and I simply cannot see any way out of this dilemma. It was fascinating to me to observe just how fine the line that separated the speakers on most of the points at issue tonight.
Overall, a really good event which brought mutual understanding and affirmation. I loved it but am still frustrated!

Harvey said...

Dear Dr Smith ,
I was able to watch the debate last night and would just like to offer you my deep felt gratitude and admiration for the manner in which you handled Stephen Sizer . I am Jewish and a Zionist . I believe in the absolute right of both Jews and Palestinians to live in peace and security within two separate states . I pray for the day that this will come about so that all people of the region can focus on living fulfilled lives without hate and bloodshed .
Stephen Sizer supports and works closely with groups such as Palestine solidarity campaign which works obsessively for the dismantlement of the Jewish state and to replace it by an Islamic state from " the river to the sea"
Towards the end of last nights debate , Sizer was no longer able to contain himself and having lost the theological discussion , launched into a hate filled pack of lies about Israel bring an apartheid state . The debate was supposed to be theological and not political .
The audience clearly applauded your position and in my opinion rejected Sizers malign views .
Sizer uses his position in the church and theology to reinforce his reprehensible views of Israel .
This is deplorable .
Anyway once again , my very personal and deeply felt thanks for your support and love for israel and its people .
It is very much appreciated during these increasingly difficult times

Anonymous said...

I thought you both did very well but when Sizer questioned you as to how many people of God there are today I thought you squirmed and struggled . Then again I thought you were right to pull him up on trying to equate the olive tree to the vine so as to to give a certain interpretation to Romans ch 11 . All in all you both did well and it was done in a civilised Christian manner but trying to be objective I would have to shade it for Sizer .

Alan Patton said...


Having just watched a repeat showing of the debate. The problem is that unless you know who the House of Isarel and the House of David is debates like this are futile. The Bible makes it clear that the tewelve tribes split into two houses. The nation of Israel today IS NOT Biblical Israel.

James Sundquist said...

Dear Calvin Smith,

Noting that you debated Stephen Sizer on Israel, you should be alerted to our exchange and his alliance with Rick Warren as well as my appeal to Yasmine Perni exposing her film The Stones Cry Out, promoted at Sizer's church.

Kindest regards in Christ,

James Sundquist


From: James Sundquist
Date: January 6, 2014 6:54:42 PM EST
Subject: Is Rick Warren's PDL book the most published book in history?

Dear Stephen Sizer,

There are objective revelations about Rick Warren that should alarm you:


I also encourage you to view this film documentary on Rick Warren by Elliott Nesch:

Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Church Growth & New World Order

Your blog only allows 4,096 characters. So if you would like a copy of our correspondence, I can email it to you...but would need your email.

Sincerely in Christ,

James Sundquist