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21 October 2011

Stuart Dauermann on Messianic Judaism

I've previously blogged briefly about Messianic Judaism (MJ), as listed here. I also commented on the issue of MJ identity and its relationship with the wider Christianity here. Look at some of the comments posted... interestingly this whole debate is in such flux that arguably several of the commentators have moved on quite a bit since then.

For those interested in the fascinating theological area of the relationship between Gentile and Jewish believers today I've just come across a very interesting short video by Stuart Dauermann. I don't necessarily agree with everything Stuart, together with his colleague Mark Kinzer (who both subscribe to TOMJ, Torah-observant Messianic Judaism), state on this issue. My primary concerns are the dangers of excessive legalism and parallel ecclesial structures at the expense of true unity in Christ. Nonetheless, Stuart makes some valid points in the video and his focus on this issue merits close attention.

I had the pleasure of chatting at length and getting to know Stuart during a conference on Jewish Evangelism held at Fuller Theological Seminary earlier this year, after we were introduced by Chosen People Ministry's Mitch Glaser (both are doctoral graduates of Fuller). Listening to his presentation and having the opportunity for us to chat several times over coffee on various issues, I found him to be intellectually stimulating, thoughtful, charming, and passionate (while at the same time managing to eschew polemic excesses). It is always pleasing to encounter a true academic who genuinely loves Jesus and with whom one can have a generous debate, but yet helps you theologically reflect and think upon an issue you might take a slightly different stand upon.

So despite my reservations of aspects of TOMJ I consider this an honest debate within the wider MJ movement, and I think Stuart's video is a useful starting point for those seeking to immerse themselves in this issue. The video can be found here. 

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Calvin, there is a thorough debate on this video here -
76 comments already and a interesting debate to follow