King's Evangelical Divinity School

26 October 2011

Why He Won't Debate

This guy revels in controversy and ludicrous, unsustainable polemical declarations, much to the consternation of millions of Christians worldwide. But at last, it seems, he's met his match, his comeuppance... and he knows it! That's why he's running scared from this debate, offering the most bizarre of excuses for doing so. Full details here, while a source on the opposite side of the political spectrum likewise criticises him here. Both well worth reading. (BTW he's previously been interviewed on Revelation TV).


Anonymous said...

LOL I thought you meant Rev Sizer for a moment there Calvin.

Calvin L. Smith said...

Not intended (though reading through it again I see your point).

Nev McCormack said...

That's a relief then. I'm looking forward to Wednesday. I'll be taking notes and sending in a report btw!