King's Evangelical Divinity School

20 November 2011


Hi, currently in Jerusalem so blogging is going slow right now. However, I plan to post a link to a new Youtube channel tomorrow evening with video clips I will film which I think people will find interesting. I'm spending my time during this particular trip here in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea valley, the Golan and northern Israel (Syrian and Lebanese borders), and parts of the coastal strip. I'll be uploading clips (internet connection permitting) each evening and will organise Youtube settings so anyone subscribing will receive notification each time I post a video clip. My aim is to post brief clips (typically 30-90 secs) which move beyond tourist stuff to offer insight into the topography, history, culture, everyday politics and aspects of the theology of the land. The aim is a series of brief snapshots for those wanting to know more about this part of the world. I hope you enjoy it. More late tomorrow evening.


I've now created a YouTube channel There are some clips uploaded already, with many more to follow over the next few days. You can comment on videos, and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel I think you're notified automatically whenever I upload a new video clip (if any veteran YouTubers know othewise or have additional advice please do post details here).

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