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7 November 2011

With Ilan Pappe On Their Side

The chaps over at Rosh Pina report the interesting news that the filmmakers of the anti-Christian Zionist film With God On Our Side have had to retract a purported quote by David Ben-Gurion because it seems there's no record of him having said it. The problem is, the reliability of this quote was questioned more than three years ago by the revisionist historian Benny Morris after the now disgraced Independent columnist Johann Hari (critic of Israel and now it transpires - somewhat ironically - serial mis-attributor of quotations) used the quote in an offensive anti-Israel tirade. Apparently this erroneous quote is attributable to the anti-Zionist historian Illan Pappe who is not noted for being an objective historian interested in facts. Thus, one cannot help but wonder what other factual errors the film contains given its reliance on Pappe.


Mike said...

Whatever other changes the producers have to make, they will of course apologise for making them.

Anonymous said...

It seems wrong to call this an "anti-Christian Zionist film"
That would make it both anti-Christian and Zionist.

Anti-Christian-Zionist or Christian anti-Zionist would do better.