King's Evangelical Divinity School

13 December 2011

About the Palestinian Refugee Issue

Putting behind it a pretty long and dismal history of ineffective PR relying on poorly-dressed male politicians with atrocious accents woefully failing to put forward Israel's case, the office of the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has just produced this slick video to counter some of the myths perpetuated concerning the Palestinian refugee issue. Ayalon, who features in the video (without a rolled up shirt sleeve, open collar or undecipherable accent in sight), cites various facts about the refugee issue that politicians and academics have known for years, yet which are all too often conveniently swept under the rug in favour of the myth-making and subjectivism so prominent in today's popular responses to the current conflict. The Palestinian refugees have indeed had a raw deal, and their leaders, together with the political elites of the wider Arab world and indeed the UN, must accept their considerable share of responsibility for the current situation.

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