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31 January 2012

Two new blogroll sites added

I've added two new sites to my blogroll (which is currently under review, with more sites to be added/removed over the next couple of weeks). The first is the blog of Stuart Dauermann, a Messianic Jew based in California (a Fuller doctoral graduate) within the TOM-J movement. Yet despite the controversy surrounding this position Stuart is thoughtful, articulate, highly educated and, importantly, eschews a pejorative and polemical approach in favour of thoughtful, objective, and biblically-rooted analysis. You may not agree with all he writes, nonetheless he will make you think carefully about the relationship between the Church and the Messianic movement. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with him informally several times over coffee last March while in California as a guest of Chosen People Ministries.

The second blog I'm adding to my blogroll is Olivier Melnick's Fight the New Anti-Semitism. I also met Olivier in California last March, and had the pleasure of getting to know him better at the MJ conference I attended just last week in Florida. Olivier is from an altogether somewhat different wing of the MJ movement than Stuart, yet an equally articulate and interesting character. A French Jew who expresses both a European perspective and an ability to be self-deprecating as a Frenchman (a most unusual quality from this [somewhat biased] Englishman's perspective), Olivier offers a valuable perspective on several issues as a thoughtful Jewish believer in Jesus originally coming from a more secular background. He's also  incredibly humourous (again, shattering this Englishman's stereotyping of the French), a good laugh as we'd say over here.

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