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17 February 2012

Catholics for Israel?

The ever thoughtful Messianic writer and teacher Stuart Dauermann is currently writing a multi-part analysis of the Catholic Church's shift over the past fifty or so years in how it views the Jewish people. What stands out particularly is Pope John Paul II's role in this dramatic shift of mindset (all the more significant given he was Polish). Dauermann is well aware of the Catholic Church's long history of contempt towards the Jews, but notes:
These sins are like black velvet which makes the diamonds of new developments stand out more brightly.
Be warned, he also makes clear that...
What I will be writing here will have little or no effect upon those for whom the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) must remain a stigmatized group and negative category. 
Yet what readers need to be aware of is that Dauermann has just concluded another series exploring Lausanne and the World Council of Churches' view of the Jewish people. Thus he juxtaposes a Catholic thawing towards the Jews with Protestantism's hardening of its position against them. So whatever your views on Catholicism, be sure to read what Dauermann is actually saying (rather than what some might think he is saying). It can be found on his website and part 3 is yet to be published.

Incidentally, some months ago I came across an interesting website by a group with the name Catholics for Israel. You can't read this page and then continue to bunch all Catholics together as anti-Israel. Some of the resources on this page demonstrate quite the opposite.

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Dissenters said...

The difference is one of authority. Protestants beleive that the words of Scripture are worth understanding in a right way, and so we don't rely upon the changeable word of a church elite. But still we can love catholics.
Andrew S