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12 February 2012

Entering the 21st century

Have finally taken the plunge and become a tweeter (or twitterer). Note the Twitter feed to the right of the page. No meaningless, boring or needlessly frivolous tweets, I promise. Rather, I plan to use it to draw attention to and comment briefly on all sorts of interesting stuff I come across relating to this blog's focus (so often I read something really valuable and plan to comment, but in the end time simply doesn't permit, but this looks like the solution).

So keep track of my tweets with the new feed gadget on this page, or better, why not follow me @smith_calvin? My feed automatically lets followers know when I post something new on this blog (in the next couple of weeks I'll be posting on what the Israel is which Gentile Christians are grafted on to, Romans 11:17-24, as well as the claim/current debate surrounding whether the Palestinians are the original ethnic inhabitants of the land, which you don't want to miss). Oh, and I've now added social network buttons after each post so they can be shared more easily.

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Miguel Hayworth said...

Hi Calvin i cannot seem to e-mail you, I wanted to bring to your attention the research I have done with origanal souces the connection between the Salvation Army and Freemasonry


I am also working on finishing my write up on More than Gold.