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20 February 2012

Joint Messianic Response to CaC2

Towards the end of last week four leading Messianic organisations in the US issued a joint statement in response to the forthcoming Christ at the Checkpoint 2 conference (hat tip RPP). The full statement is available here. This represents a significant statement for several reasons. First, it is measured and statesman-like, yet raises a number of valid concerns about CatC2. Secondly as a joint statement by several leading Messianic organisations, it represents an important expression of the views of Jewish believers in Jesus towards the conference. Third, the statement has been picked up by various major news outlets, as well as being supported by the wider Church.

One would hope and pray that the CatC organisers will at the very least engage seriously with and respond to such an important statement (as they have on their blog to other criticisms which they clearly do not take seriously). After all, this joint statement marks a significant expression of genuine Messianic concern about the CatC event, Neither can it simply be dismissed by  drawing attention to how several Messianic individuals will be attending the conference. Somehow much of the Messianic movement remains unconvinced of the aims and purpose of the conference, and if CatC indeed really is about seeking reconciliation, then surely the organisers must respond to the joint statement by the UMJC, MJAA, IMJA and IAMC.


Anonymous said...

The leader of the British Messianic Jewish Alliance made this statement last year?:

Calvin L. Smith said...

This reinforces my point about the need for a measured response from the organisers. Is anyone aware of any other formal statements about CatC by Messianic organisations, whether individually or jointly?

David Foster said...

I do wish the conference organisers would give some positive proof that Israel is the main persecutor of Palestinian Christians. It really bothers me that so much time and energy is being given over to this issue when there is real concern for Christians elsewhere in the Middle East already discriminated against, brutalised and genocide a real possibility. I wish they would read Open Door’s World Watch list or Barnabas Fund’s Lent Prayer and reconsider their agenda!

David Foster said...

Hi Calvin, Jacob's done one: also Jan Markell

Dissenters said...

Following the above link, it is a shame Jacob Prasch should be so vitriolic towards Richard Harvey, but then he doesn't have a good word to say about many brave Christians. Harvey is showing a great of bravery in going to the conference. His book mapping Messianic Jewish Theology will be worth reading - when I have time. My own view is that it a mistake to link Christian faith with nationalism whether of a Palestinian or Zionist character. What if Israel, of all nations on the Earth, is to possess the whole world through the Messiah, but not to have a state of its own?
Andrew S