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12 May 2012

His Grace persecuted by the ASA

Archbishop Cranmer is in trouble. Apparently, the Advertising Standards Agency is formally investigating His Grace and has demanded an official response for posting the following "homophobic and offensive" advert on his blog:

No, I don't understand any of it either. Read the full story over at Cranmer's blog. He's been swamped with comments and well-wishers.

If this is for real (and I must admit I double-checked to make sure it wasn't 1 April), all the ASA has succeeded in doing is contribute to the advert's dissemination far beyond the organisers' wildest dreams, as well as make Cranmer a martyr (again). I suspect we're going to see another Spartacus moment across the blogosphere.

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Andrew Sibley said...

We are living in a time when human rights are given according to subjective populist sentiment, not according to traditional objective measures of truth and values. Objective deontology has been replaced by Humean utilitarianism. I see in the Telegraph that 'conservative' politicians and commentators are falling over themselves to paint gay marriage as a conservative ideal, i.e. Cameron, D'Ancona, and Johnson. They forget older ways that linked rights and duties and instead are really promoting a liberal agenda. The greatest 'sin' today seems to be to cause 'offence' by challenge the incoherence and subjectivity of modern thinking. To argue that that there are some ideals that transcend human thought is not a popular message, but it is the true loving way because it helps to protect all of us against the darker side of human sentiment.