King's Evangelical Divinity School

23 July 2012

This Issue Will Not Go Away

Some months ago the interfaith Council of Christians and Jews issued a statement criticising Anglican vicar Revd Dr Stephen Sizer for linking to anti-Semitic websites (detailed here). The matter was brought to the attention of the police but was not taken any further. Since then, however, further claims have been levelled against Revd Sizer and covered by several newspapers. 

Over the weekend the issue was raised again at the national level, this time by Archbishop Cranmer, a widely-read UK political blog. Cranmer published a letter to the South East Gospel Partnership written by Revd Nick Howard (son of the former Tory leader Michael Howard) and James Mendelsohn, a senior law lecturer at Huddersfield University, in which they set out why they believe Revd Sizer to be anti-Semitic and call for the evangelistic partnership to disassociate itself from him. It is a serious charge and merits careful scrutiny.

This latest event in a long-running saga raises two important points. 

16 July 2012

Christians, Money and Greed

I'm on television again for a live one-hour broadcast on 7 August at 7 pm, when we'll be discussing Christians, finance and greed. We'll be covering issues such as tithing, the poor, the prosperity gospel, a biblical theology of wealth and money, a Christian response to the current economic crisis, and other related issues. The Bible has a lot to say on these issues, so it should be an interesting discussion. 

12 July 2012

Abuse of Scripture and Heresy

Here is the video in full of my television appearance earlier this week, discussing the use and abuse of Scripture together with the issue of heresy. (When you first press Play it may take 30 seconds or so to load.)

Dr Calvin L. Smith (King's Evangelical Divinity School, United Kingdom) discusses the use and abuse of Scripture, together with the issue of heresy and related issues, on Revelation TV's Simply the Truth, hosted by Doug Harris. First broadcast 10 July 2012.

9 July 2012

Tuesday 10 July: Hermeneutics and Heresy on TV

Tomorrow (10 July) I'm on Revelation TV's Simply the Truth, discussing the use and abuse of the Bible, together with the issue of heresy, with the station's presenter Doug Harris (from 7 - 8 pm).

In the programme, which was recorded, we explore a range of issues which I believe people interested in different aspects of biblical interpretation and what constitutes heresy will find helpful. Pass on details to anyone who may be interested. Revelation TV is available on Sky channel 581.

2 July 2012

Jaffa Food

Something a little bit different. With all the talk on this blog of theology, politics and conflict in the Middle East it's easy to forget how vibrant the region's culture is. Israel is particularly cosmopolitan, where Jews from across the world, together with their distinctive food, music, fashion and general outlook on life, live. It is also, of course, home to over 1.5 million Arabs, which has had a major impact on Israeli culture. During Ottoman times the Turks also had considerable influence upon the region's culture. The result is food in Israel which has a strong Arabic-Middle East flavour so alien to what many Westerners are used to.

David Williams, one of my students who once attended a King's B.Th. field trip to Israel, just sent me a link to a food blog of a chef who has visited Israel. The description of his experience at an Arabic restaurant in Jaffa, together with the pictures, made David's mouth water (both of us were always on the look-out for a new food experience during that trip). Seeing the pictures made my mouth water too. The food here is great, and really healthy. My wife can't wait to go back to Israel (she visited for the first time last November and we plan to return this November), and I'm quite sure we'll be visiting this Jaffa restaurant.

So for those of you who know the Middle East, and the rest of you who are missing out and should, visit David Lebovitz' blog of his time in Jaffa. Well worth it. Thanks, David, for the link. Readers are invited to add their own Middle East foodie links below.