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12 July 2012

Abuse of Scripture and Heresy

Here is the video in full of my television appearance earlier this week, discussing the use and abuse of Scripture together with the issue of heresy. (When you first press Play it may take 30 seconds or so to load.)

Dr Calvin L. Smith (King's Evangelical Divinity School, United Kingdom) discusses the use and abuse of Scripture, together with the issue of heresy and related issues, on Revelation TV's Simply the Truth, hosted by Doug Harris. First broadcast 10 July 2012.


Bunmi Ajayi said...

Great job Calvin.

Calvin L. Smith said...

Thanks, Bunmi.

Unknown said...

Very good interview, clear, informative and the 55 mins or so went very quickly. Be good if Doug has you for a follow up maybe with some Q&A?

Unknown said...

This is excellent! Such a good, clear, and easy to understand presentation on the rules of biblical interpretation and on how to understand the Bible.

That was a really good idea to lay down some of the rules of biblical interpretation before getting into the subject of heresy; thus drawing attention to the fact that one has to know how to interpret the Bible correctly before one can rightly identify heresy. I agree, the most serious heresy is any teaching that calls into question the Person and work of Christ.

Andrew Sibley said...

Thanks for posting this Calvin - I enjoyed it. One small point though (even if I am obsessed) relates to your suggestion that the doctrine that the Church is Israel stems from only one small verse - Galatians 6:16. I am not sure how you can justify this when support for this view comes from many verses. Rather foolishly I didn't even refer to Galatians 6:16 in my book Zion's New Name that looked at this question. For me the doctrine partly comes out of a thorough reading of the Old Testament prophets in their own context which strongly links the restoration of Israel with the Messiah and messianic rule, the reunion of the houses of Judah and Israel, and the inclusion of gentiles.

Nev said...

Very helpful stuff.

Concerning the canon I think I've come to the conclusion that it is an ideal rather than a practical reality. In practice it would be almost impossible to be truly 'canonical' and, let's face it, most laypeople operate not only with a 'canon within the canon' but actually grant various extrabiblical materials authoritative status in addition.

Moreover, I feel the canon is an ongoing process which is theoretically endless. Let's say 3 Corinthians were to be unearthed tomorrow, for example, it would really only be a matter of time (pace F.F. Bruce) before it would be published alongside, and eventually incorporated into, the biblical text as we have it today.

However, I don't think this is a problem so long as we are all able to rally around the 'ideal' nature of what we already have, and strive to make the most of that.

Cherry A said...

Wonderful job brother !

Cherry A said...

Wonderful job brother !

Calvin L. Smith said...

Thanks, sis! Even better that you said it twice ;)

Brendan said...

Hi Calvin,
Thank you so much for an edifying, and nourishing discussion on exegesis and heresy with the good Doug. I thoroughly enjoyed it,and related to it so much more on a deeper level,mainly due to my academic studies on the B.TH. with King's (there's that advert again :)),which have essentially developed my understanding and practice of good exegesis and hermeneutics (in the current sense).
The discussion has inspired me to continue in faith and confidence when I resume my studies in September, and also to challenge some of the concurrent issues within the church.Issues that may perhaps give more deference to humanistic post-modern idealism, rather than affirmed and re-affirmed Biblical guidance, corrections, and doctrines.

GOD Bless you and yours.