King's Evangelical Divinity School

28 August 2012

Forthcoming Dates

For anyone interested, here are details of some of my public engagements in forthcoming weeks...

Friday 21 September (8 pm). Speaking at Hephzibah Marlow. 
Topic: Church contra Israel: Understanding Why

Tuesday 25 September (7 pm). Revelation TV's Simply the Truth.
Topic: Postmodernism.

22 - 24 October. Observer Status at the Borough Park Symposium on Messianic Jewish Identity, New York, USA.

Tuesday 30 October (7 pm). Revelation TV's Simply the Truth.
Topic: Demonism.

2 - 3 November. Speaking at Ezra International UK's first national conference, Colchester.
Conference topic: Israel and Christian Responsibility. My topic: TBA.

23 February (all day). Fellowship of Truth, Sawley, Notts.
Topic: TBA.

If your church, fellowship or event is interested in having me speak, contact King's Evangelical Divinity School. Further details of my research areas and topics are available on this blog and at

23 August 2012

The Jewish People and a Theology of the Land

In my own response to Christian anti-Zionism I have, by and large, focused on God's continued calling and purpose of the Jewish people, rather than explore the thorny and emotive issue of the land, as so polemically expressed and analysed in today's media reporting of the Middle East conflict. My approach instead has been to focus on how God retains a plan and purpose for the Jewish people, that He has not finished with them, for which I believe one can make a pretty straightforward and airtight biblical case. There are some good books which do just this, for example R. Kendall Soulen's The God of Israel and Christian Theology and Mike Vlach's Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Interestingly, my experience among many Evangelicals not particularly siding with modern Israel (indeed even opposing her) is that, when presented with properly explained biblical arguments against supersessionism, they tend to be more sympathetic theologically towards the Jewish people. In the majority of cases this will then go on to have some bearing on how they perceive and re-explore the current Middle East conflict. After all, if God has not finished with the Jewish people, and around half of the world's Jews live in modern Israel, then it's no longer so easy to dismiss Israel as theologically insignificant or anachronistic. Thus my strategy has, by and large, been to focus on refuting supersessionism and letting the issue of the land take care of itself.

20 August 2012

Christians, Money and Greed

Earlier this month I discussed Christians, money and greed with Revelation TV's Doug Harris in a programme which was broadcast live on 7 August. During our discussion we touched upon various issues, including giving, tithing, debt, the prosperity gospel, banks and the economic crisis. The video of the programme is now available in full below.

6 August 2012

Christians and Money

Currently in a blistering Southern Spain and burnt to a cinder. To see my lobster red face, tune in to Revelation TV's Simply the Truth programme tomorrow (Tuesday 7 Aug) at 7 pm (8 pm here), when I'll be discussing Christians, finances and greed live from their Malaga studio. Among other things we'll be looking at issues such as the prosperity gospel and the economic crisis.