King's Evangelical Divinity School

19 June 2013

Richard Harvey Endorsement

New endorsement of The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism (New Revised and Expanded Edition).

“Supersessionism” is not just a technical theological term. It is the deeply rooted mistaken assumption in much Christian thinking that God has finished with Israel (the Jewish people) and that his covenant with them has been "superseded" now that the Church has become the "new Israel".  In its modern form, sometimes known as replacement theology, it has done irreparable damage to relations between Jews and Christians, and has been a cancer in the Church’s self-understanding and its attempts to share the Gospel with Jewish people. 

Calvin Smith has done us a great service in bringing together and carefully editing these essays by leading scholars and Messianic Jews to explain the theoretical aspects and practical effects of such teaching. He calls on Christians to read their Scriptures more carefully and treat their Jewish friends more sensitively in the light of God’s ongoing election of Israel. This book should be required reading for anyone who loves God, His Word, His Church and His people Israel. 

Dr. Richard Harvey
Former Academic Dean, All Nations Christian College
UK and Senior Researcher with Jews for Jesus

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