King's Evangelical Divinity School

22 July 2013

Wayne Hilsden endorses JMINS

Wayne Hilsden, Lead Pastor of the King of Kings Community Jerusalem, has endorsed the new revised and expanded edition of The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism. He writes:
I am deeply grateful to Dr. Calvin Smith and the fine collection of scholars who have presented their case. The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism will be one of my reference works for years to come. Where one lands in relation to the theory of supersessionism can impact not only the fate of Jewish people still in unbelief, but also those who profess to follow Jesus the Messiah. So I exhort the reader to be concerned not only about the theological debate, but also how supersessionism has the potential to profoundly affect eternal consequences.
The endorsement (together with others and details of where to buy) can be found on the book pageMore on Wayne Hilsden's further involvement in this book project shortly!

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