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10 October 2013

Excellent Video Resources on Israel and the Middle East

Last week a major conference entitled The People, the Land and the Future of Israel was held in New York. The event, organised by Chosen People Ministries, headed by Dr Mitch Glaser, brought together various well-known and respected Evangelical scholars with hundreds of publications between them to explore the issue of Israel and the Middle East conflict from an Evangelical perspective. 

The conference explored these issues from various angles and theological subdisciplines, including biblical theology, church history, systematics, practical theology, political theology and ministry. Importantly, this excellent collection of valuable resources by these distinguished speakers was filmed and is now available online for viewing here

I would strongly encourage all Evangelicals, regardless of their position on Israel, to view these videos and engage with the arguments and positions presented. For too long (with important exceptions), there have been too few scholarly resources available to respond to a new and somewhat aggressive expression of supersessionism doing the rounds within Evangelical circles during the past two or so decades. But in recent years this has begun to change, and these videos represent another valuable resource for Christians of all persuasions seeking to eschew the polemics of the current debate and instead explore the issues objectively and open-mindedly. These videos provide such people with an alternative, non-pejorative viewpoint by scholars who are experts in their field, and as such they merit attention.

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T Griffiths said...

Thanks Calvin. Been checking out the videos. A 'Must Watch' is Dr Michael Rydelnik.