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2 September 2014

The Church and Israel FAQs

I realise there's a lot of material on this blog about the relationship between the Church and Israel and related matters, but other than the tag cloud it's not easy to find individual articles. Someone suggested I should create an FAQ page on the topic. It's a good idea so what I've done below is to outline some typical questions people ask on this issue and link to some of my articles to help readers easily find material. The list by no means covers all my posts, but it is a start. This page is now highlighted in the right-hand column beneath the tag cloud for site visitors.

Finally, I have been working on some podcasts on the whole issue of the Church and Israel, the aim being to present a series of talks covering the subject and related issues in a systematic manner. Recording has begun, so watch this space.


Q. Why do many Christians believe God retains a plan and purpose for the Jewish people? 
     On what basis do Christians support the modern State of Israel?

Consultation Paper: A Christian View of Israel
Biblical Theology and the Modern State of Israel
Christians and Modern Israel: Theologically complicated? Maybe. Ethically? Not so much
TV Debate: Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Q. What does the New Testament say about Israel and the Jewish people?

Romans 9_11: Remnant versus Nation
Romans 11: What is the "Israel" Gentile Believers Are Grafted Into?
Beware An Overly Dogmatic Interpretation of Luke 21:24

Q. What does the Old Testament have to say about Israel and the Jewish people?
     Isn't the concept of "Chosenness" racist?

Old Testament Israel and Racism
Is Today's Jewish State Racist?
Arabs, Christians, Israel and Ethnicity
An English view of "chosenness"?

Q. Does God have any plans for the Arab people?

Two Peoples, Not One? (part 1)
Two Peoples, Not One (part 2)

Q. What about the land? What was it like before the modern State of Israel was founded?
     What is Zionism? Did the early Zionists steal the land from the Arabs? 
     How did Arabs in the land respond to modern Zionism?

The Jewish People and the Land
Understanding Christian Zionism: Theological and Regional Variations
Brief Review of "Zion Before Zionism, 1838-1880"
Hillel Cohen's Army of Shadows

Q. Explain some of the terminology in the debate between Christians who support and reject Israel.
     How should this debate be carried out?

Christian Palestinianism, Christian Anti-Zionism, Palestinian Christianity and the Jewish Roots of Christianity
This Kind of Language is Unhelpful
Time to Tone Down the Language

Q. What is the Messianic movement, and how is it affected by the debate on the Church and Israel?

The Church, Messianic Judaism and Identity
A Case for Jewish Messianic Identity

Q. Why do some Christians focus on Israel at the expense of persecuted Christians in the world?
     Why is there disproportionate media attention on this particular conflict at the expense of others?

When Are Some Fatalities More Newsworthy Than Others?
Why On Earth Are We Wasting Our Time on Israel?
Top 50 Countries for Christian Persecution

Q. Have you published anything about this topic?
     Where can I find other resources about the Church and Israel?

New Book on the Church, Israel and the Middle East
Anglican Friends of Israel review my book
Excellent Video Resources on Israel and the Middle East
KEDS' Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies
Church and Israel bibliography

Q. What are some other views on the Church and Israel, and what is your response?

Review of Gary Burge's "Whose Land? Whose Promise?"
Review of Dan Cohn-Sherbok's The Politics of Apocalypse
Review of "Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?"
Stephen Sizer as Anti-Replacement Theology Champion?
Messianic Jews and Christ at the Checkpoint
Confusion at the Checkpoint?

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