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14 September 2015

More on That Korean Churches Conference on Israel

On 22 August I posted a Korean translation of the paper I delivered at a conference organised by Korean churches in London exploring the issue of the Church and Israel. More details here.

The conference organisers have since produced a booklet with all the papers available (in Korean). They have kindly given me permission to include a download link to the full booklet for readers to access all the papers.

2 September 2015

10th International LCJE Conference Statement

From 16-21 August 2015 more than 200 participants from six continents met in Jerusalem – the city from where the gospel went forth into all nations – for the tenth International Conference of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). At the end of the conference the delegates issues a joint statement. Here is some of that statement:
We, the participants at the 10th International Conference of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, as Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus, rejoice that in every generation there have been Jewish people who embrace Jesus as Messiah and continue to identify as Jews.
We thank God for the increasing number of such Jewish people worldwide, especially in the land where Messiah lived, died for our sins, rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of God. 
We rejoice in the impact of a new generation of Jewish followers of Jesus on Israeli society through their bold witness and contribution to the country in education, the arts, health care, the military and start-up companies, and by providing help to the marginalised within society. 
We rejoice also that God is working among Arab believers in the land and pray for their effectiveness in proclaiming Jesus in these troubled times. 
With the wider Lausanne Movement we affirm that Jesus, through his saving work, has ‘broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility’ and we applaud those Messianic Jews and Arab Christians who live out this reality. We also affirm: 
• The Jewishness of Jesus who, as Israel’s Messiah, is the Saviour of the world.
• The Jewishness of the Christian faith.
• The irrevocable character of God’s gifts and calling in relation to Israel.
• The special importance of taking the gospel to the Jewish people as an ever-present obligation on the Church, in accordance with Romans 1:16.
Visit the LCJE website for the rest of the statement and more details of the conference.

22 August 2015

Israel and the Church: The Past (in Korean)

I gave a talk at a conference held by Korean churches in London (July 2015) to explore the issue of the relationship between the Church and Israel. The following paper was the basis of my talk and has been kindly translated into Korean by Kyuwon Park, one of the conference organisers. (Scroll down for footnotes).

이스라엘과 교회 (과거)
-      대체 신학에 관해 -
캘빈 스미쓰[1]

하나님이여 침묵치 마소서
하나님이여 잠잠치 말고 고요치 마소서
대저 주의 원수가 훤화하며
주를 한하는 자가 머리를 들었나이다
저희가 주의 백성을 치려하여 간계를 꾀하며
주의 숨긴 자를 치려고 서로 의논하여
말하기를 가서 저희를 끊어 다시 나라가 되지 못하게 하여
이스라엘의 이름으로 다시는 기억되지 못하게 하자 하나이다
(시편 83: 1-4)